Scooters and Motorized Wheelchairs

Risk – Devices designed to promote mobility support and independence, can also cause significant harm to residents and others if not properly maintained and operated.

Risk Management Strategies:

  • Resident Safety Orientation – Provide motorized scooter and motorized wheelchair safety orientation on admission. Have the resident navigate the building including hallways, blind corners, the dining area, sitting areas, elevators and garages (as appropriate) with an assigned team member or physical therapy.

  • Motorized Safety Rules – Review the facility’s rules of motorized safety and ask the resident to sign that they understand the safety rules (the following list is not meant to be all inclusive):

    • What side of the hall to drive, protocols for backing into the elevator and driving out of the elevator

    • What is safe speed – no faster than the average resident is walking

    • Where to park (if hallway parking is allowed, consider designated areas to avoid parking in front of hand rails, exits, etc.)

    • Motorized scooters and wheelchairs are for personal use only and should not be borrowed to other residents.

    • Residents should not provide rides to other residents or visitors

    • When unattended, the scooter or motorized wheelchair must be turned off

    • Motorized scooters and wheelchairs are to be kept cleaned and well maintained following manufacturer recommendations

    • Unexpected accidents, events or injuries must be reported to staff immediately

    • Signed Agreement – Sample of a signed statement:

      • I understand it is my responsibility to respect the rules and regulations of the facility when using my (motorized wheelchair, cart, or scooter). I agree to operate my (motorized wheelchair, cart, or scooter) safely and in consideration of other residents, employees, and visitors. If I fail to do so, I agree to reorientation and instruction, including re-evaluation of my ability to follow the safety rules of the facility.

Source – HCIS Senior Resource Center. Pendulum. Assisted Living Policies and Procedures. Motorized Mobility Aids, Wheelchairs, Carts and Scooters.