Safety Checks

Risk – Failure to have in place a consistent and reliable process for resident welfare/safety checks which results in significant injury or death.

Risk Management Strategies:

  • Resident Safety Checks – Ensure a formal process for resident safety checks on a daily basis (e.g., dining room check-in, medication administration times, daily trash removal).

  • Reconciling Safety Checks – Define a formal process for reconciling safety check information from multiple team members (e.g., centralized checklist).

  • Sign-In/Sign-Out Process – Request that residents sign in and out when leaving the building. Ask for an estimated date/time of return. Establish a process for follow-up with the resident (or family members) if the resident does not return at the designated date/time.

  • Outings – Ensure that all residents are accounted for before, during and after community outings. Double check the transportation vehicle to ensure that no one is left behind.

  • Electronic Alerts – Consider in-room electronic alert options (e.g., toilet not flushed, refrigerator not opened).