Healthcare Select


Our job is to make your job easier.

Since 2004, Healthcare Select Workers Compensation Group Self-Insured Program has provided what has proven to be premier workers compensation coverage to a select group of healthcare facilities in Minnesota. With the assistance of HCIS, a group of facilities formed Healthcare Select, a program governed by the group’s membership, not some faraway insurance company. In so doing, a program was created where a member’s annual cost is determined by their own claims, not outside market pressure.

Healthcare Select is a group self insured program. As with any such program, there are risks and rewards. The rewards are numerous, including possible dividends, increased input in claim handling, peer group safety forums, rate setting and most of all, self governance. The board manages the associated risks through guidelines for membership, effective underwriting, the purchase of excess insurance and aggressive claim handling and loss control.

It’s much more than just workers compensation coverage. It’s workers compensation coverage where you control the cost, the risk and the reward.