Senior Sexuality2

Resident Sexuality – Rights, Protection and Privacy

Author – Cyndi Siders, RN, MSN, CPHRM, DFASHRM, CPPS
Executive Consultant

August 5, 2016

Mrs. Mary Thompson, 84 years old, is currently receiving medical care for her Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension and osteoarthritis. Her 85-year-old husband George is in relatively good health and has been caring for Mary, their two basset hounds – Lucy and Charlie, and their home. Mary has started to go on walks (wander) during the day while George is taking care of the yard or home and a couple of times at night. She has had significant difficulty finding her way home and a few times the police have been called for assistance.1 Mary and George have been married for 62 years and have lived in the same home for the past 40 years. Mary is clearly very fond of George, but doesn’t always remember his name or their relationship. Reluctantly George and their two adult children decide that Mary will best be cared for in a Memory Care Community. George is planning to continue to live in their home as Mary loves their flower gardens and the small animals that visit their yard. During the admission assessment process, George mentions that he would like to have some private time with Mary so that they can enjoy some intimate moments together. Is your facility prepared to have this conversation?

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