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Benefits of VIP 50+

Homeowners Typical VIP 50+
Covers both the building and contents of your home, without depreciation – you can feel confident that your belongings will be replaced at today’s cost! No Yes
Includes identity theft coverage that covers the expenses of restoring your credit. Get back your life without going in debt. No Yes
$5,000 of sewer backup coverage means you get back on your feet quicker. No Yes
$10,000 of coverage on condo additions and alterations – the improvements you make on your condo are safely insured! No Yes
Golfers – feel good about using your cart! Losses caused by your golf cart are covered even if you use it off the course. No Yes

Automobile Typical VIP 50+
If you are without a vehicle, car rentals are less of a financial burden – auto rental expense included! No Yes
If your car is damaged beyond repair and the book value is less than the loan/lease amount – it’s covered. It pays for a potential gap in value! No Yes
Your trip is saved! Trip interruption coverage pays $100/day – $500 max for a hotel, meals, etc.! No Yes


This is a convenient coverage summary, not a legal contract. Please refer to the actual policies quoted for specific terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions that will govern in the event of a loss. Specimen copies of these policies are available for your review prior to the binding of coverage. To bind coverage, you need to speak directly with a licensed agent of Vaaler Insurance.