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Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers

Mrs. Jones is 85 years young and enjoys the benefits of her assisted living apartment-style home. She has a history of hypertension, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, type 2 diabetes mellitus, macular degeneration, and osteoarthritis. Care providers notice that she is having increasing difficulty walking while using her cane and having challenges reading, with her glasses, while attending activities such as BINGO.1 She still drives to a local church for services and she enjoys shopping at the mall. Is Mrs. Jones a safe driver? Is your facility prepared to have a conversation on driving alternatives and driving retirement?
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HCIS / Vaaler Insurance Newsletter – September 2018

PDF version: September 2018

HCIS / Vaaler Insurance Newsletter – July 2018

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Transportation Safety

Mr. George Adams has lived in his senior living community for the past two years. George has multiple sclerosis and spends a good portion of each day in his wheelchair.

George is an enthusiastic participant in social events and facility sponsored activities. One of his favorite activities is attending worship services on Sunday mornings. George has attended the same church for the past 40 years.
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HCIS / Vaaler Insurance Newsletter – June 2018

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Fall Risk, Recognition and Response

Mrs. Helga Olson and her son John request an appointment for a tour of your Assisted Living facility/Skilled Nursing Facility . Helga arrives holding on to her son’s arm. She appears to have some pain while walking. Helga has a large bruise on her right cheek and right arm. She tells you proudly that she has just celebrated her 83 birthday. She also tells you that she has lived in her current home for 46 years. Her husband died three years ago and she has been living alone since his death.
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HCIS / Vaaler Insurance Newsletter – March-April 2018

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A Gun Shot Is Heard… Preparing for an Active Shooter

Mary has worked in your dietary department for the past seven months. She is known to be quiet and reserved with a warm and caring personality. Today Mary comes to work with significant bruising on the right side of her face and she has a black eye.
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Charting Practices to Reduce Documentation Risk

Mr. George Johnson is an active octogenarian that lives in assisted living with his wife. George’s wife has severe arthritis and she has limited mobility.

George loves to socialize and is frequently seen walking the halls visiting with staff, family members, and residents. George is mentally alert and enjoys completing the daily tabloid crossword puzzle and frequently shares current events from the news.

One-day George’s wife calls for help and George is found lying on the floor of the shower. He has a large gash above his right temple that is bleeding and he is complaining of significant pain on the right side of his chest. George is confused and doesn’t recall what happened.
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HCIS / Vaaler Insurance Newsletter – January 2018

PDF version: January 2018

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